Friday, May 11, 2012

Back From Brimfield

Wasn't sure if I would make it to the Brimfield, MA Antiques and Collectible Show this week for their annual May show.  My window of availability was small and the weather forecast was bad, but God provided both a day and a break in the weather, and I had a joyous day Wednesday in one of my favorite places, with one of my best friends, getting to do one of my favorite things!  What a blessing!!  The dealers were all in good spirits despite the dreary weather and most of the deals were pretty good.  We both came back with some happy "treasures."  Here is a peek at what found it's way home with me.

A new apron (you KNOW the 20+ others I have is NOT enough!  But I wear them all and smile big when I do!!), some fun fabric, a book with great dog illustrations (bound to become part of the next bathroom's redo) a sweet little china bowl with strawberries on it (for holding lip balm etc. on my nightstand), some daisy curtain tie back pins and a 1930 home school music book (love the cover and the fact that it was talking about homeschooling back in the 30's).

Another 'H' to add to the Heidi collection, some restaurant china tea cups (these are bound to hold ice cream and custards and such - it will taste even better being eaten out of one of these), two hand painted planter boxes, a super sweet little jam pot set, a Fire King baking dish and a small table cloth (I love the quirky shade of green on this).

A set of 7 vintage napkins, a sweet little sampler and a great vintage tablecloth in mint condition and it will actually almost fit my big dinning room table.

This book was an exciting find.  I had seen an article a few years back in Country Living magazine that showcased the work of a woman who makes lampshades with vintage fabrics of all kinds.  I tore out the article as something to try someday.  Well, the gal has put all of her expertise into a book showing many, many ideas for making lampshades and (here's the important part) the step by step directions on how to do it all yourself.  I bought a copy of her book from her (she even signed it for me - Fun!) and now whenever I am ready to try it, I am armed and ready to go with all the resources I need.

These two old sap bucket are bound to become rubbish bins after a little paint transformation.

And last, but not least (actually, probably my favorite because I can't help but smile from ear to ear when I see it) is Flo, my handmade pink flamingo!!  She is just too goofy not to love!  And just what my vintage trailer "front porch" needed for a little flirty vintage spice.

Doesn't she look at home here!?  And once summer sets in, the place will be overflowing with pots of flowers for her to watch over.

Thanks for stopping by to share in my joy.  Hope you found some joy along your path today, too!!


Modern Donna said...

How fun! I wish we had more markets and such around here. But then I might get in serious trouble!

Kris Vogelsang said...

Glad you were able to go and had fun!