Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vintage Dog Collection

I am a dog lover thru and thru!  My own two golden retrievers have made their share of appearances on my blog to show it.  They are a part of my family.  We often refer to them as our "fur babies".  I would probably have more than just the two if I had the space and the money to care for them properly, but alas I don't, so instead I collect vintage dog figurines and artwork. These don't require food, space or care beyond a little dusting now and then (though I must admit, I am a wee bit lax on the dusting!)  And they are just so cute!!  See for yourself.

There are a few tucked on bookshelves.

This little guy is holding up books on the bookshelf.

The following photos are from my puppy themed downstairs bathroom.  This is the space where the dog food is stored and the dogs are fed and have their water bowl, so it only makes sense that I decorate it with pups in mind.

And lastly, for now, a couple pups tucked on a windowsill with a vintage book about a puppy named Tessie.

All of the figurines are vintage.  Most of the pictures are vintage as well, some original sketches and some are color prints.  Two of the pictures are original sketches done by a local artist at my request about five years ago.

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