Monday, April 16, 2012

Kitchen Progress and Bathroom, too!

Hello there all.  My it has been a while since I found myself here!  I have been a busy bee the last few weeks cracking down hard on painting and decorating details of the new remodeling jobs.  Also been making lots of time to play: poking, lunching out and lots of time with good friends.  It has been a happy couple weeks since I last sat here with you.

Thought you might enjoy a couple peeks at the progress on the home front.  The kitchen is nearly done, a wee bit of painting still to do, but feels great, no longer a half baked project!

I finished painting the beadboard and hung happy things back up on the walls.  I built the little display shelf using architectural trims and moldings bought off the shelf at Lowes and then built it to suit my desire of a somewhat victorian farmhouse looking shelf.  I love the results! 

And filled it with fun vintage trinkets.

Can't believe how much bigger the kitchen is, despite not adding any actual space.  Just goes to show what rearranging your existing space can do.  And I love that it feels so cozy, like it has been this way for generations.

And now a few photos of my upstairs bathroom.  Somewhere I have before pictures, but can't seem to put my fingers on them today.  It used to be yellow and pink and flowery.  Quite a change over!  Still working on some construction to the vanity base, so I will save that for another day.  But here is the progress so far.

LOVE this hook rack.  It came off an old coach railway car, probably early 1900's.  I restored the metal and repainted and distressed the backer board.  The towels are vintage.  Love the teal shade.

I framed these two ads for toilet tissue.  They came out of a woman's magazine from the 40's.

This old enamel bucket gets new life at a toilet tissue holder for the extra rolls.

And love this little cup and holder.  It came out of an old farmhouse in Milford, NH.  A little elbow grease was all it took to restore the gleam to the metal.

Well, there you go!  My happy progress.  It is vacation week here in MA and I am looking forward to spending some fun time with my girls.  Hope you are finding joy along your path this week as well.  Thanks for stopping by!