Saturday, June 18, 2011

Farm Girl Joy

Don't know if you remember, but earlier this spring I bemoaned the fact that I could not find the winter hiding space I had tucked my "Farm Girl" sign.  Well as you can see, I found it!  I love this sign.  I found the letters at an antique store in Petterborough, NH.  The owner cuts old license plates into the individual letters.  I bought these to spell out "Farm Girl"  for my garden sign.  It hangs at the forefront of the main garden.

The plants are all looking great.  So far, no pests, diseases or visiting wildlife.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that with my diligent care, that will stay the same.  It is amazing how fast things are growing.  We've had  a good dose of rain and sun, and the plants seem very happy.

Berries in my patch last week.  Oooh so much promise!!

Berries in the patch this week.  Ooooooh sooooo luscious!!

Broccoli last week.  Nice strong leaves and stalk structure.  A nice head starting to grow.

The same broccoli head this week.  Amazing how fast it is growing.  I can taste it now, steamed with garlic, sesame oil, sea salt and a little Brag's Liquid Aminos (a little like soy sauce, but much healthier).  Yummy!!

These are blueberry flowers.  The bumble bees have been busy pollinating these bushes.  Blueberries are just around the corner, I think.

Oh look......we are growing sweet Honey puppies in the garden, too!  The best crop yet.
Happy gardens, happy me, happy bellies!

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