Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flowers Lift Me Up!

Well, I had planned to work outdoors all day today repainting some worn metal chairs that make their home on our deck, but two big obstacles got in my way.  One - it rained ALL day, a situation I had not counted on.  Guess I need to watch the weather forecast every night as the extended forecast I seem to plan my week by, has not been proving very accurate lately.  Secondly, I felt really YUCKY all day.  I recently weaned off of a medication I'd been on for a year plus and am doing a whole body cleanse with herbs and diet to detox my system.  Days 3 - 5 of a cleanse can be really unpleasant as all of the toxins start to leave their hiding places in your body and float around inside looking for the way out.  So.....for both reasons today ended up being a nap a lot, rest a lot, watch a lot of Walton's, lay on the couch a lot kind of day.  I'm finally feeling a bit better now that the day is almost over, and unfortunately, it is still raining and it looks like it will be in the forecast for a bit to come.  So a perk up was in order!  I found it in this batch of pictures I've been taking around my yard and garden as things are growing and blooming.  Hope you like them too.

I have one bird bath for the birds to lolly gag and splash around in, but this one is for flowers.

I recently added the vintage tulip shutters to this planter.  I love it!!

The old self proclaimed Yankee I bought this wheel barrow from a few years back was aghast to learn it was for flowers.  His comment, "Boy gal, your man must really love you to let you plant posies in this old workhorse."  Yes, he does love me lots, but I bought it, so I get to determine the use, and Fritz likes it like this too!

When my Grandma was alive and came to visit, she always talked about these coral bells and how she and her mom grew them in their garden in Nebraska long ago.  I love them all the more since learning that.

Blue hydrangeas waiting to be born.  I have more young flower clusters this years than ever before!

A quiet place with vintage flair to relax off to the side of the vegetable garden.  It's a great place to shell peas and shuck corn.  When the rain stops, I think I'll just head on out there.  Until then, wishing us all happy moments found in simple pleasures!

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