Monday, June 20, 2011

Strawberry Bounty and Sunday Morning Flea Market

So the strawberries are in!!!  I went out one morning and pow, what was green was now red and lots of it.  In about  two minutes flat I had picked enough berries to fill my pretty turquoise colander and eat them for breakfast.  Aren't they so pretty?

Later the same afternoon, I went outside, grabbing the closest thing at hand (a large Rubbermaid under-the-bed bin) and started picking.  Forty five minutes later, I had 13 pounds of berries picked!!  Ooooooh, all organic, all luscious and all MINE!  Well, not really, I share, but I grew them in my garden and didn't have to venture to a pick your own field and worry about chemical sprays etc.  SO HAPPY!

We ate shortcake with crushed berries and cream flavored with a little agave nectar and almond extract; crushed up a bunch and froze them in pint containers for use on waffles, ice cream and such; made two pies - one for Fritz for Father's Day and one for the freezer; and I will be making jam tomorrow.  And there are still more to come!!  I feel like a kid in a candy shoppe!!

Sunday morning, despite being tired from so many strawberry projects Saturday evening, I got up and went to the flea market in Hollis, NH.  I got there a little late.  In my sleepy state, I drove half way to the dairy when I realized I was not supposed to be going for milk.  (That is tomorrow's errand)  Anyhow, I still got there about 7:30 and took my time poking around the different dealers I like to frequent and I still got some good finds.

A book case and little side table in pretty good shape - a coat of paint and some distressing will make them wonderful to sell at the Cooperage.  A vintage chenille bath rug, a vintage Bissell carpet sweeper (still works great).  A metal bread box insert for a Hoosier.  (I'm hoping this fits my Hoosier as mine is missing this insert.)  Some old cookbooks and story books.  A sweet old "walker" doll with several little dresses.  I will clean her up and restore her hair to better condition.  In the end, I may end up keeping her for my little collection.  Vintage yard stick.  Vintage oil cloth seat folding travel chair.  Nine etched wine glasses.  Four vintage parfait glasses that look like mini malt glasses.  A brass lamp with pull chain.  Some old newspapers.  Two great ledgers from some business long ago.  Old kitchen utensils.  A sweet vintage homemade stuffed elephant toy.  Two little bells.  Two little mirrors for a ladies handbag.  Two vintage glass serving plates.  A vintage whisk broom.  Two hair scarves (for me).  Two vintage magazines from the 40's.  And an old garden pruner for my garden tool collection.  Not a bad haul!

Love the old perfect penmanship.  Check out the date in the top left corner.  Wow!!

I never realized how long Bissell has been around.

It has been a really nice couple days.  Great weather.  Great berries.  And great fun at the flea.

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