Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa and Other Vintage Goodies

Despite the crazy chaos of remodeling our kitchen, I have managed to carve out a Christmas zone in the living room, the only room mostly untouched by the chaos.  Usually the whole house sports festive and fun decorations, but it just can't happen this year.  We will enjoy the living room, though, as our happy Christmas refuge.  Here is a peek at the couple displays.

Here is my mantle all decked out Santa style, all vintage except the trees.

The Santa snoozing in the chair was in rough shape when I found him.  He sports lots of restoration work by me, but it was worth it.

There is a shelf unit next to the fireplace that showcases the vintage reindeer collection along with a couple other vintage trinkets.

The little tree came from my grandmother.  It is a small celluloid tree that you "build" each year by stacking the branches and separators on a center pole.  The tips of the branches have tiny hooks on them from which to hang these tiny glass ornaments.  My mother had it for a while and just passed it on to me this year.  Thank you, Mommy.  I had the original packaging for the tree prior to receiving it, saved because it had fun graphics.  It dates to the 50's.  I really like it.

Speaking of graphics, I love the graphics on vintage packages.  Here is a small display of some of my fun vintage Christmas packaging.  Most still have their contents inside.  Above, on either side of the little tree are also vintage packages of mica 'snow.'  One of which also came from Grandma's house, used sparingly over many years with still some in for me.

I close with a picture of my favorite Santa (and actually my favorite decoration in the house).  He is a clear reminder of the reason for the season.  It's not about Santa and gifts and hustle and bustle and stress.  It is taking the time to pause and remember that our Lord God so loved the world that He came to earth as PEACE in the form of the infant, Jesus,  so that we who accept His open invitation to know, love and serve Him, can experience His peace here on earth and one day know that peace in an everlasting form with Him in eternity.

Hope those of you who celebrate this happy season, are digging in, pausing often and enjoying some special times.  Thanks for stopping by.

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