Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sparkly Skates

I had a beat up pair of women's figure skates I picked up from one place of another this past year.  Last winter, I tied a pair together, tucked in some winter greens and added a bow and sold them like that.  I have also tied a single skate along with jinggle bells and a bow on a wreath in the past for a festive winter decoration.  This year, I was inspired to do something a little different. 

I started with the old skate and painted on glossy finish Modge Podge and immediately sprinkling the wet, gluey surface with German glass glitter (in clear).

I should also mention that I stuffed bubble wrap into the boot to help it hold a nice filled out shape.

Then I spray painted hydraangea blossoms that had turned a carmel color and dried out on my hydrangea tree.  I didn't paint the entire flower head, but rather sprized on some white paint to make them appear snow kissed but with the carmel color showing through.  While the paint was wet and sticky, I sprinkled on some more glass glitter.

I bunched up some strips of burlap with wire to make little burlap rossettes.  I gathered some fresh greenery and a vintage tin cookie cutter and then put it all together with a rustic bow.

Because of the lighting, it is hard to see the glittery effect, but it is there and so pretty.  I made two, and off they went to the Cooperage where one sold the very first day!  Yeah!


Modern Donna said...

This is so cute! Love it!

Geneva said...

This is gorgeous! I love everything about it!!!