Monday, December 5, 2011

Special Order Spool of Thread

Back at the October Market, I was telling a woman about an idea I had for making a giant spool of thread decoration for my sewing space in the studio.  She was intrigued and thought it sounded like a nice gift for a friend of hers who loves to sew.  I had enough materials to make two spools, so I took a special order and made one for her to give to her friend for Christmas.  I am very pleased with how nice it turned out.

I had picked up this vintage industrial size spool from an old textile mill at Brimfield this past summer.  Look at how big it is compared to a large spool of standard thread.

Here is the finished product followed by a couple of detail closeups.  To make it, I wrapped it with quilt batting to give it the appearance of bulk and then wound a great butter colored vintage string I have around and around (and around and around.....) to look like wound thread.  A large yarn needle threaded with some more string looks like a sewing project just waiting to happen.  For the top, I punched out a large scalloped edge circle from vintage paper and inked it to make it look old, as well as added little stitch lines around the perimeter.  I attached that as well as some vintage millinery flowers and a section of vintage measuring tape.

I will make up the other spool for myself and use in the sewing space of my studio as a fun decoration.  Hopefully, I'll be fortunate enough to find some more of these giant spools again.  Now that I see how nice they turn out, I'd like to make more to take to the Cooperage.  Here's hope'n.