Monday, May 9, 2011

The Cooperage's Monthly Antique Market

Yes, I haven't posted anything for a week (at least).  Sorry.  I have been soooo busy!  This past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was the first (of many to come) monthly antique market show sponsored by the Cooperage where I have a booth.  Laura, the owner, had the brilliant idea of tapping into the popular trend of holding a monthly antique market extravaganza.  She secured a historic church building just a couple  buildings down from the Cooperage.  About 15 dealers will set up once a month for a huge blowout of wonderful antiques and vintage pieces.  It was awesome!!  It was also a lot of work.  I participated in this one, and really enjoyed myself.  Thought you'd like to see some photos of my booth.
Here is the sweet little country church the market was held in.

Old stuff for sale both inside and out.  Below, you'll see three different views of my space

 Fran, if you're looking, the hutch I told you about is shown in the first and third of these three pictures in left corner.  Below is a shot of my space, altered and opened up a bit Friday afternoon after things had sold and space was changed a little.  Again, Fran, the two tables, are the little matching white ones, center front.

There were two items that did not initially fit in my space, but Laura was kind enough to let me display them elsewhere.  They were a vintage ironing board that I decoupaged with old laundry ads from the 1920's to 50's and edged with black ric-rac; and a coffee table that I topped with vintage yardsticks.  Here are a couple photos of those that I took before hauling them over to the church market.

A close-up of some of the sweet advertisements from vintage homemaking journals.

I distressed the edges, but left the original wood finish to complement the old wood of the yardsticks.

By the way, these two pieces are still available if anyone is interested ;)
Well, that's about it for now.  It was a great experience.  I met some new folks and enjoyed some great conversations.  And now it is time to rest up to get ready to haul the remaining treasures home tomorrow to be sold another day.  Take care!!

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