Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cameras and Photos from the Past

I was thumbing through an old copy of Good Housekeeping today.  We are talking old!  1927 old!  I was looking for old advertisements for laundry products for a project I am working on, when I stumbled on an ad for an Ansco camera.  It was a sweet find - the first time I've found an ad for one of my favorite collectibles.  I love old cameras.  They are all so different, small pieces of art in themselves.  Here is a peek at one of my camera collections.  (The other small collection is happily displayed up at our cottage in New Hampshire.
I especially enjoy the camera on the bottom shelf.  I found it complete with its original box and instruction booklet.  What I love even more than the cameras, is the black and white photos they once produced.  Yes, you can set your digital camera on black and white, but they don't hold a candle to the real thing.  One of my favorite things to look for at estate sales and antique shops is old black and whites that seem to tell a story, even though I don't know the original story behind them.  I enjoy displaying them and looking at them, as well as using copies of them in a line of greeting cards I produce to sell.  (I'll post a picture of these soon for you to see.)  I have a large stash of photos in an old travel case and several in old photo albums, but my favorite way to display them is on old clothing hangers.

They are just so much fun.  Here are a couple of close-ups of a couple of fun ones I like.

I also am lucky enough to have some old black and whites of both Fritz and I as children as well as some of our parents.  Those are prominently displayed under glass at my computer desk.  And yes, that is a very old telephone on the left corner, and yes it works and yes, we still use it.  Love the ring.  By the way, it is a novelty for my girls to show their friends.  Most have never seen a rotary dial phone before, let alone used one.  It's rather humorous to watch.

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