Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday morning flea market and a bonus auction house yard sale!

So this morning I went to my first flea market of the season.  Actually the season started mid April, but cold mornings and rain kept me at home.  Sleep is so much more enticing on days like that, but today I was ready for a flea market fix.  I got there around 7:30, a little late by hard core flea market standards, but good enough for me.  The trucks were unpacked and the initial frenzy had subsided so I was able to leisurely pick through boxes and visit several dealers.  I got some great goodies, mostly to sell.  I decided to head home on the earlier side and boy am I glad.  On the way home, I discovered a local auction house was having a clear-it-out yard sale and since I had left the flea early, I had plenty of time to stop and poke.  I got some great goodies there as well.  I made it home in time to wash my car (something I've wanted to do for a week) and get to the 11:30 service at church.  What a productive morning!!  Here are some pics of the bootie.

Sewing basket with notions, blue crate full of old jars (dirty, but will clean up fine), stool, eight cubby unit, vintage color coordinated tread bobbins, lotto game pieces, wooden animals, red drawer, desert dishes, linens, kitchen utensils, cookie cutters, ephemera, vintage mirror, candle stick holders, metal tool tin, large clock case, glass canister, glass dishes and more. 

 So here are some close ups of the goodies.  I love the rainbow assortment of bobbins, and the red drawer and one of the tins are full to the brim of lotto letters of varying sizes.  The cubby unit would make a great bench with cubbies used for shoes.  Or it could be used on a table like surface for great storage.  It has green paint covered by a coat of grey.  I think I will see if I can restore some of the green.  Below are pictures of the bootie from the auction house yard sale.  Note that the cubby unit and stool are in the picture, but from the flea.

So we've got game boards, flashcards, linens, 40's dictionary with illustrations, vintage hangers, melmac dishes, sewing notions, vintage paper place mats, aluminum cups, stencils, ephemera, vintage tablecloth that will make great material for lunch bag totes, glass loaf pans, crochet work and quilted potholders.  Note the dog in the photo was not a yard sale find.  Maisy was happy to see me home and wanted to be where I was focusing my attention, hence she ended up in the picture! 

It was a really fun morning.  Nice weather, nice surprises and nicely productive.

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Kris said...

Great finds!!