Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meet my Pups and Laugh

Well, they're not really puppies anymore, but just like your kids will always be your babies, my dogs will always be my puppies.  We raised them both from 8 week old puppies.  Maisy, I met when she was two weeks old and held her little tiny body in one hand.  Honey, we all met when she was six weeks old.  Maisy is now 7 and Honey is 4.  They are both golden retrievers, though not from the same parents.  They are best buddies, both with each other and with us.  Each one and I have a special bond, due to the fact that I was the primary caretaker and trainer.  Maisy is pure lady - very regal.  Honey is pure goober - very incurably happy and goofy.  The two of them bring us such joy, quite likely two of the best moves we've made bringing them to our family.  They are great companions especially for me - they are quite simply two of my best friends!  Here are some funny pictures of them.  I love to do goofy things to them and they love the attention and the cookie that comes with it.  Enjoy the smiles.

Honey-in-the-box....."Pop goes the weasel"

Honey relaxing......completely.

Two after dinner Babushkas - yes, those are our dinner napkins on their heads.

Time for a wig with that napkin head dressing.

Honey looking so 60's man...

Maisy's flower child look.

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Kris said...

Ha Ha! Love the wigs! I think you should walk them around town like that-just imagine the comments!!