Monday, March 14, 2011

Bible Inspiration

Children are such a phenomenal blessing. The best job I've ever had and am sure I will ever have is that of mother to two amazing girls. It is also, no doubt, the hardest job. Full of lots of trial and error as the years progress. A few days ago, I was called into Heidi's room to see her latest chalkboard posting. (During her recent room redo, we made the door of a chiffarobe into a chalkboard where she can doodle or post messages to her heart's content.). My mother's heart was overflowing with "contentedness" when I read her new posting, a Bible passage from John. She had read part of it on her calendar and then looked up the rest. How reassuring for all of us, but especially a maturing young lady, to know that we need not carry heavy burdens alone in our hearts, for God is there to share them and lift them from us. And our importance to Him does not stop with His support. His love is so great that He already has prepared a place for us to be in His loving presence for eternity. I don't know about you, but I go to a lot of trouble to prepare for company at my house, and their stay is only temporary. Imagine what God has in store for us when preparing His home for us to share with Him for eternity. WOW! After seeing Heidi take heart-ownership of these words by exploring them and writing them down for all to see, I am reassured that in my job as mother, I must be making more right than wrong turns in mothering her.

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