Monday, March 7, 2011

Pretty Packaging

What often attracts us to buying or wanting something?  Colors, textures, patterns, PACKAGING!  If I had a choice of a package wrapped plainly or one dressed up even a little, I'd choose the dressed up one.  Even if both contained exactly the same thing, the decorated package shows care, attention to detail and the promise of something happy.  I know that for me, eye candy is one of the happiest sweets.  I try to wrap gifts, be they simple or fancy, in a way that pleases the recipient.  Here is a package I gave away this past weekend.  The contents were simple, but happy - a journal and lavender sachet - and the packaging made them even happier.  It was a birthday gift for my next door neighbor.  She loved the packaging so much that she carefully snipped open one end to slide out the gift and preserve the packaging to look at and save.  It makes both the giving and receiving of the gift so much happier for both the giver and receiver!

I used plain brown paper for the wrapping; printed some vintage images and text onto sticker paper, pinked them and layered them on the front of the package; tied the parcel with plain white utility string; tucked in a vintage millenery flower; tied on a vintage key and finished it off with a vintage playing card turned gift tag with the help of a Martha Stewart stick-on label.  A couple of impressions from an old "Special Delivery" stamp and it was all set to give away to a good friend.

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