Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thinking About Easter

Easter is going to be late this year, but we're already busy thinking about bunnies, baskets and spring.  Last year I tried my hand at making little baskets using peat pots, vintage trimmings, German glass glitter,  local wool and blown out eggs from local chickens that lay beautiful blue and green eggs.  They were a lot of fun to make and I was able to sell several to a wonderful upscale antique shoppe in Concord, Ma.  Visiting with the shoppe owner last week, led me to begin production again as she would like to have them in her stock again this spring.  Here is a peek at the first six I made so far.  The little chicks in four of the pots were a gift from Kris (of Cricket Acres Studio).  Thanks Kris!  They are so sweet and they complement the little baskets so nicely, just not sure I can part with them.  These baskets may end up with eggs as well, with the chicks in my own Easter basket.

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kris said...

adorable baskets! glad to see you are busy crafting in that new studio of yours. enjoy!