Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inspiration Board

What inspires you to be creative?  For me, it is pretty colors, vintage images, sewing notions, simple design, thrifty usefullness, and things like that.  This is one of my two "inspiration boards"  hanging in my basement, recently turned "studio".  (More pictures to follow in future posts on the studio, so keep an eye out.)  I see the two boards every time I walk downstairs.  The things I've hung have been collected over the years and are there, simply because they make me happy.  And happiness is inspiring, whether I need to be inspired to fold laundry or vaccuum or to sit down in the studio and create.

When my girls were little, I used to take them on what we called "Chick Trips".  We'd spend a night or two away from home in a hotel and explore natural wonders in the area.  Lost River was one of our favorites.  It was so much fun when I came across this pennant from the 50's at an antique shoppe.  It is a fun reminder of days gone by.

Notice the unopened package of tiny doll toys.  Also, two of my favorites (one above and one below) are the needle point key chain fobs my grandma had made years ago.  The house, she used for years til it wore thru at the top and fell off the key ring.  I found it stashed in a drawer at her home after she passed away.  The red car was a gift to me when I got my first car.  It was too big for me to use, but I always held onto it as a grandma treasure.  Now I see both every time I walk by and I happily think of her.

The little red price clip came from a general store long since gone away.

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