Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Happy Centerpiece

My dinning room table has turned into a canvas for creativity.  For years, the table had a small quilt on it with a crock of dried flowers. The most I would do to change it was to add candles or change the quilt underneath to a different one.  I honestly didn't know what else to do with it.  I had a mindset that it had to be floral, tall enough to offset the length of the table and easy to move at suppertime.  So it was the same for YEARS.  Over the last two years, I began experimenting with themes and gathering related items together to create little montages that somehow related to a holiday, season or inspiration.  I set them up on a tray of some sort, often wicker, so that it is still easy to move off the table for meals.  I have a fun collection of vintage tablecloths and large dresser scarves that I use instead of the old quilt.  I love it.  It is so much fun to walk through the house or pick through cupboards to find items to put together for a fun table display.  This one I did yesterday after being inspired by a friend's blog (see Michelle Cooke at her Brookline Street Studio blog below on my favorite blogs), where she showed pictures of her new spot at Out of the Woods Antiques.  She set up a nature study theme, and it is lovely!  My table centerpiece is a mini nature study and includes a vintage typewritter from my studio; natural items collected by my girls over the years; a vintage flower book; a college student's nature notes from a natural history course in 1914; and some other happy vintage collectables.  I smile every time I walk by, and Heidi (my 13 year old) noticed it right away and gave it her enthusiastic seal of approval.  Maybe one day soon, the two feet of snow outside my window will dissappear and I can enjoy a real nature study!

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