Monday, March 7, 2011

Vintage Dishes

Dishes make me happy, especially vintage dishes.  They just seem to
add more flavor and pleasure to any meal.  We use them several meals a week.
On Sundays, after church, my family has a tradition of having a pizza picnic together.  In
nice weather, we pull an old table, chairs and quilts out into the
gardens in our yard and eat together using fun vintage dinnerware.  It's
amazing how good the same old pizza can taste when we eat it off
of mismatched vintage plates.  The mood is happy and we end the
meal with spreading out the quilts and playing card or word games. 
In cold or inhospitable weather, we 'picnic' in the living room at the coffee
table next to the warmth provided by the wood stove.  Again, it's using vintage dishes,
glasses, silver and cloth napkins.  It's a simple thing, but it completes the day.
Here is a new set of dishes I picked up last week at a shoppe near the
dairy that I venture to every other week.  35 pieces for $20.  What a deal!!
Can you say happy pizza picnic?

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kris said...

Nice job Tera! This is so 'you'! Good work and good luck!