Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More of the Studio

Here is another little peek into the studio. I am currently working on many, many projects for a big antique market sale next weekend. As a result, my studio is very messy and there is not much I can show you that is not untidy, to say the least. But here are two happy items. One is a grand old typewriter that I use to make labels and captions for the greeting cards I make. I have a stash of vintage typing paper as well, so what I type looks authentically aged. There is something about the rat-a-tat-tat of typewriter keys striking the paper that is so soothing. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to type out a term paper on it, but it makes small projects so much more satisfying.

The next thing to show you is this fun old lamp from the 50's.  The shade is metal so light does not shine out, but rather down in a warm circular glow.  It is perfect for shedding light right where I need it on my projects as I work at the table.  Around the base of the lamp are a few of my "frogs."  These vintage metal items were put in the bottom of vases or bowls to support flower stems when making a flower arrangement.  Today, they serve two purposes besides being interesting to look at.  First,  they are great for holding pencils, scissors, etc. at my work space.  Second, years ago my grandma introduced me to the acronym of "FROG."  F for 'fully,' R for 'rely,' O for 'on,' and G for 'God.'  So my flower 'frogs' serve as a reminder of where to keep both my heart and my head and to not get to caught up in the 'stuff" of my studio.

If you look close on the back left, you'll see the original rubber "frog"
my grandma sent me many years ago.
The lamp and frogs are sitting on the base of what I think is a lap desk from the early 1900's. It is painted black and was meant to be used as a chalkboard.  Behind the lamp is an upright part of the desk, with little racks to hold supplies and a roll of 'important things for children to learn.'  I currently have it displaying the alphabet in cursive and print.  It's a fun piece of history given to me by a dear friend for my last birthday.

I look forward to being able to show you the main studio, but will have to wait until after the mess is tidy.  Another day!

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Michelle Cooke said...

I love the studio pics! They should be in "Where Women Create."