Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Books and Buttons

Two happy things to share.  The first is a new little stash of buttons, vintage of course, to add to my collection.  You may recall the button drawer in the apothecary cabinet in my studio from a previous post.  If not, here is a quick re-peek.
Don't quite know what it is about vintage buttons and fabrics that get my heart beating just a little quicker and my hands itching to touch them.  Just know that I love'm!  A couple Saturdays ago, I spent a few hours working at the Spaulding Cooperage with Laura, the owner.  It was a busy afternoon as the shop had been re featured on a local program.  Despite the business, we had about 15 minutes of quiet in which I discovered one of the dealer's button basket.  I fished through and brought home some gems (purchasing them of course).

I love the colors, the shapes and designs of each one.  Here are some closeups.

LOVE the Scottie dog imprint in this one!

Not only do I like the designs on these, but the sizes.  They range from 1.5 inches to almost 3 inches across.  I think they would be great as closures on bark cloth tote bags I hope to stitch away at this winter.

My other happy find recently was a new book and a new periodical publication.  I have already spent a bunch of time perusing the pages of both and they sit on the top of my book stack for more investigation soon.

The book is "Found, Free and Flea" by Theresa Surrat.  She is the author of another favorite publication chronicling the journey of moving, rejuvenating and decorating a little motor court cottage, called "A Very Modest Cottage", that I also recommend.   The periodical, "Mingle" is from the publishers of Sommerset Life, etc., by Stampington and Co.   It's a fabulous find if you like to entertain with a special flair.  The magazine is full of photos and ideas from gatherings spanning a variety of themes.  I also enjoyed getting decorating and gift ideas just from looking at the party photos.

As you can see from the back cover, Surratt's book chronicles the restoration of a 1920's camp in Wisconsin.  It is as delightful to read as it is to look at all of the eye candy in the photographs.

Here are two teeny peeks to whet your appetite.  (I hope the publishers don't mind me doing this.  I do not claim ownership to any of the material, but am merely showing it to advertise the book to all of you possibly-interested readers.)  If you like this type of publication, I highly encourage you to pick up a copy (I bought mine on Amazon for a good deal less than bookstore shelf price).

Below is a quick one page peek at "Mingle" (again showing you for the same reason as mentioned above).

Looks like fun, don't you think.  Pick up a copy.  I found mine at Barnes and Noble. It is considered a magazine, but the thing I love about the publications from Stampington is that they are high quality, almost book like.  I've held onto all the publications I've ever picked up from them and they grace a book shelf for quick reference or a refresher on some good ideas.

Enjoy!  And also, welcome to my new followers.  I love sharing my thoughts and experiences with you.  Glad you found me and thanks for the comments.  They mean a lot.  Take care all.

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