Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home Collections

Well you've seen my collections that decorate the cottage, I thought you might like to see some of the ones at home.  There is something about collecting that just kind of seems to creep up on a person.  You have one item, like it  and one day add another.  A third finds it's way into your life and Voila, a collection is born.  We have had many "births" in our house!  I guess in one way, it's a form of creative therapy.  Amassing a group of items and coming up with a creative or eye catching way to display them, keeps the creative brain cells regenerating.  And with all the things I seem to forget these days (the opening up a cupboard and wondering "why am I here?" syndrome) keeping some brain cells regenerating it a good thing!

More vintage tablecloths and vintage kitchen and pantry items add nostalgia and warmth to my dinning room.  The three tea cups above the linens are the only remaining three from my childhood collection.

As do a few vintage rolling pins displayed on a rack I built for them.

My grandmother collected blue plates for years.  I can remember looking at them and talking about them with her as I grew up.  Dozens graced her kitchen wall.  After she passed away, I was fortunate enough to receive several of the plates.  I display them in my dinning room in a fashion similar to how Grandma did in her kitchen.

I love vintage glassware.  I keep these glasses out on an open shelf in the kitchen so they are quick to grab for a drink.  I store them in these vintage caddies so I can quickly grab and tote a whole bunch of them to the table or counter when we have guests over.  It is fun for everyone to pick their own glass and easy to recall which one is theirs when they put it down and walk away from it.

I LOVE vintage aprons.  I wear one almost every day to clean, cook, garden or just feel good.  They hang in a stairwell leading to the studio.  They are right outside the kitchen for a quick grab to put one on.  And the ones left hanging make great eye candy every time I pass through to the studio.

I have just a couple of these vintage apron patterns and they hang up with the aprons.  A reminder of simpler days, when a house wife would fashion her own aprons according to taste and need.  Maybe one day, I'll make one from one of the old patterns to add a personal, but vintage touch to my collection.

And last, but not least, is my happy vintage clock collection.  My parents gave me the vintage homemade woodworker's display shelf as a birthday gift a couple years back.  I happily gathered all my vintage clocks from around the house and contained them all in a one place display.  I was actually surprised at how many I had amassed till they were all together.  Guess it's a good thing none of them work anymore or the ticking would drive me crazy.

What do you like to collect and why?  I wonder what the next collection may be.  Hmmm....


Modern Donna said...

I have a collection of vintage aprons but unfortunately do not have a proper place to display them. I also have milk glass vases displayed over my kitchen cabinets. But as you said one leads to more and now I seem to be amassing moon glass too.

Anonymous Nice Person said...

Hi there...I found you via Pinterest and have a quick question. Where did you have your custom rolling pin rack made? My husband and I run a custom rolling pin business and need to create a display for our home. We have so many and I love every single one of them. I can't seem to find anything sweet looking here locally in Colorado. Any ideas or suggestions on how to find one like yours?

Thanks!!! Love your stuff!

Stacy Krems
www.ferrumstudios.com or on Etsy: justrollingpins