Friday, November 25, 2011

Kitchen Nook

I realized today that I never showed you my new breakfast nook.  Remember when Heidi and I got to redecorating at the end of September?  The big cozy chair moved to where the 'nook' table used to be creating a new and different cozy nook.  That meant that where the chair used to be in the kitchen, we were ready to have a small breakfast nook take it's place.  I've always wanted an eat in kitchen that did not involve bar stools pulled up to the counter, which is what we've always had.  Well, with a little rearranging and a table purchase (old of course) we made it happen. 

Now that Kayleigh works so many nights, it is often just three of us for dinner.  This is a great, intimate space to come together at and share a cozy dinner.

Want to know a secret?  My kitchen is about to change again, but this time involving moving walls and adding a new cabinet and shelf section.  I have wanted to make changes to this room for 15 years to accommodate my love for baking.  Time has ticked by without any changes coming to fruition, but not any more.  By Christmas, I should have a new kitchen!  Yeah!!..I'll keep you posted as we move along.  Wish us success and calm under construction-during-the-holiday season pressure.  Thanks for stopping by.

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