Saturday, November 26, 2011

Free Range Chickens

I love living in a small town further out in the country than most city lovers would find comfortable.  I don't mind the smell of cows (and the corresponding cow pies), or the critters that make noise in the night, or the longer drives into the neighboring towns or cities to get what you need from the store.  I love that there are no traffic lights in town, save for three small flashing caution lights.  I love that the store clerks at the grocery store and the librarian know me by name.  I love that I can take the dogs out for an hour long walk on the neighborhood streets and only see a half dozen cars pass by.  I love that when the stars are out, you can really see them, without any distortion of city lights.  I love the quiet that surrounds me when I work out in the garden (provided the neighborhood barking dog is not out).  I love that I wake to birds and fall asleep to night peepers when the season is right and the windows are open.  And I love that I can be driving down the road and have to brake for free ranging chickens trying to guessed it.  To the other side!  Had my camera with me, so I stopped to snap a couple photos.

This strutting rooster was out with his three best gals.

For kicks to see what he would do, I started making very quiet cocka-doodle-doo sounds.  He stopped dead in his tracks, puffed up his chest and let out a big "Halloo" of his own.

Then it was right back to busines of watching his girls and flicking up the dying grass in search of the almighty grub, and just looking handsome.  Thanks for stopping in.

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