Friday, January 13, 2012

Boo Boo Puppy

Well it finally looks like winter in my New England world.  Several inches of snow fell during the day yesterday and it is now crusted over with ice after a day of freezing drizzle intermixed with regular old rain.  The trees and bushes are bent under the strain of the frozen white paste and the ground is slippery and a little jagged.  Unfortunately all this led to our first winter injury in the household.  No, nobody fell, thankfully, but Honey our five year old, yet permanent puppy (she's not quite all there!), ripped and dislocated a claw on her back paw.  Owwie!!  Her exuberance on slippery ground got the best of her.  A trip to the vet and a visa payment later and she is home recovering with a sock duct taped to her leg for a couple days.  It was either the sock or the "cone of shame" to keep her from licking and biting the now removed claw.  Heidi, my youngest daughter, thinks she looks like a super hero with the red and silver combination.  We deemed it necessary to add a super hero cape as an accessory.  Unfortunately, super hero capes are on back order, so we settled for a homemade red fleece bandanna.  We think she looks quite cute and she actually seems quite content with the whole deal.  What a good girl!!

Super Puppy!!

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