Monday, January 23, 2012

A Couple Happy Finds

There seems to be no end to the painting in my house and putting things back together.  The dinning room is nearly done.  Two small details left to attend to, but at the moment my living room furniture is in there while I clean the carpet and paint in there.  Hopefully, I  can finagle a couple photographs to share with you soon.  I am so happy to have a room done (nearly) and am anxious to share it with you.  In the meantime, I am trying to remember to take some time out for myself a couple times each week so I don't burn out.  Thursday mornings I enjoy fellowship with women at my church for our weekly Bible study.  We are embarking on a study of Matthew guided by Max Lucado, one of my favorite authors.  My second time out on a bimonthly basis is my trip to the dairy, which I combine with a stop at a favorite antique haunt or two.  I have also been blessed to enjoy a couple of lunches out with some lovely friends.  And lastly, I stumbled upon an on line course called "Creatively Made" by Jeanne Oliver (thank you Jeanne - this is a wonderful creative and inspirational course) and signed up for it. I don't make time to follow it each day (fortunately it is a go at your own pace type of thing) but when I do, WOW, I walk away so inspired and so full of good thoughts and productive thoughts.  What a gem to have stumbled upon, especially given the chaos right now.  Certainly the work load has been far heavier than the fun, but looking forward to the fun breaks make the work part a little easier to handle.

I misplaced my camera in the chaos of my living situation for a couple days, but found it this morning so I snapped a couple quick photos of some happy little finds at last week's brief antique foray.  Here they are for you to see.

Some vintage sewing notions (spools of seam binding, rick-rack, looped trim and a pattern book for crocheting with great vintage graphics), vintage inspired coasters, a pretty plate with brass handle, vintage valentine decoration, some teeny tiny perfume vials with red glass stoppers and my favorite, a round price tag.  Don't know what it is about numbers, but I love them.

This little girl will look sweet decorating some little nook for Valentine's Day.

Not too much to share today, but things are so busy here.  More to come one day soon.  Thanks for stopping by.

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