Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Honey - Just to make you smile...

For Christmas, Honey, the youngest of my two golden retrievers, and I, created a book for my mother.  Kind of a love narrative from Honey to my mom.  We are convinced that Honey thinks my mother is her natural birth mother.  Strange, I know, but Honey seems to overly adore my mom and in her younger years seemed to try to burrow her way right to the womb when she would snuggle with my mom.  Since then, she is love a magnet to Honey, who just can't get it through her furry head that she should take a chill pill when she is around my mom.  Anyhow, some of the photos in the book were candid and some posed, but all make you smile.  So here are a couple of my favorites.  Their only purpose?  To make you smile today.  Hope you carry it with you the rest of the day.  (The smile that is...)

Candid shot of puppy in TOTAL relaxation mode.

Candid shot begging for a belly rub.

Sadly, also a candid shot.  Bad, bad mud boggin' dog.

Posed of course, as is the next.  I just couldn't resist some dogie dress-up, and she is so cooperative!

Candid.  What dog doesn't like a good stick.  Wonder what she was thinking about as she sat here on the steps with that ole stick.  My mom (and others who know Honey well) would probably answer that she couldn't be thinking much in her warped lil' brain.  Personally, though, I think she is quite smart and is sitting here solving the problems of the world.  The answer to world peace, according to Honey? .... a favorite thing to hold and then share when asked to, unconditional love and endless forgiveness.  I think she's got it all figured out.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope we shared a smile.


Anonymous said...

That made me smile.Too cute!!

Glycine blanche said...

Ces photos sont très sympathiques.