Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Clever Curtain Hold Back

As promised earlier, here are the photos of the curtain hold backs I made for the new lace curtain panels in my entry way. The window had previously had a straight valance, but with all the redoing going on in the house, that changed.  I replaced them with full window-sized lace panels that I wanted held back on the sides.  I had seen some metal 'arms' in a curtain catalog, but at $12 each, I wanted something more affordable.  I poked around in my workshop to see if anything might fit the bill, when I came across some silver I had picked up at an estate sale.  Included with the pieces were some large serving spoons.

They had very pretty details on the handles and I figured they might be just the ticket.

I wanted to polish them up a bit without making them too shinny, so just a little rubbing with very fine steel wool was all it took.  Next I drilled a small hole in the bowl of each spoon using the drill press.  Be careful if you try this as the spoon gets very hot.  Let it cool before handling it for the bending.

Next I bent the handle over the back of the spoon so that the pretty details would show when it was mounted.  I predrilled my hole on the moulding and attached the spoon, adjusted the angle to how I liked it and tightened it down.

And voila!  Curtain hold backs!  It is now so easy to let the curtain panels down for privacy if I choose and back up when I want them.  No ties or hooks to deal with, it's a one second job.

I LOVE how these turned out.  Elegant, simple and unique to me!  And considering I picked each spoon up for a nickel at the estate sale, I think I my ten cent job is far superior to the twenty four dollar pair in the catalog! 

Lastly, an update: the dining room is officially done.  Draperies back up and new wall bedecked with my a sample from my linen collection, along with three tea cups I held onto from a childhood collection.

Oh happy day!  I get to make a check on the check-off-when-done list!!  Only about a hundred more to go!!

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you are finding joy in your day.  (And remember,  joy is a state of mind, NOT a state of circumstances - a lesson I often need reminding of myself.)

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Modern Donna said...

Everything looks wonderful! Very clever idea with the tie backs.