Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lovely Eggs

I often buy my eggs from the dairy where we go to get our raw milk.  They are a hot commodity though, and it seems to be the luck of the draw to get there before they are all gone.  I was fortunate enough to find a carton in the cooler last time I went by.  When I opened my carton of eggs I discovered three lovely green speckled eggs amongst the regular browns, beige and the occasional blue.  I have never been the recipient of a green egg from the dairy chickens.  Wonder if there is a new hen in the coupe.  She sure lays lovely eggs.

My camera just can't do them justice.  The two in front are a soft green and the one in back a brown with green undertones.  

Most days it's the simplest of things that bring me joy.  I think that is the secret to contentment in our lives.  If we wait for the big "wow" moments to make us happy, we miss countless opportunities to revel in God's goodness to us.  Thank you for pretty eggs in my egg basket!

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Modern Donna said...

Isn't it amazing how beautiful something so simple can be?