Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pretty Vintage Finds

I did a tiny bit of antique poking last week and brought home a couple of goodies.  Nothing earth shattering , but a few fun trinkets.

Some vintage bark cloth in a lovely pale blue pattern, a vintage pattern (love the aqua color), two vintage hot pads, a vibrant pink flowered towel and a lovely vintage travel sack.

I should look so lovely in a bathrobe (pardon me, I meant to say dressing gown!)...

Love this handmade travel sack.  The details on the trim and stitching are what caught my eye.  I bought it  primarily for the totes and bags it may inspire me to make.

And these crocheted pot holders are twice as thick as most of the vintage ones I find.  These were made with some heavy duty kitchen work in mind.  They are in perfect shape and I will be giving them a work out in my own kitchen for cooking chores and delights.

All of the colors I was drawn to and purchased are heralding in the soon to come spring season.  I may be a wee bit early, but I am always ready to immerse myself in spring.

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