Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pretty on my Table

I stopped recently at the monthly market sale at the White Home Market in Wilton, NH.  The theme this month was romantic prairie.  Now I'm not sure I would call the things that I saw and bought prairie-like, but they were pleasing.  And the tittle did lure me in the door.  So prairie or not (and that is hard to come by in New England) it was a lovely show.  I was specifically looking for something pretty for my dinning room table.  I had bought fresh flowers a couple times recently, but as lovely at they are, I feel bad buying them too often and bringing them into my home.  They are commercially grown in large quantities using pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and vast amounts of petroleum in the farming and shipping process, none of which is a friend to man, beast or earth.  I prefer to laden my table with them in the summertime when they come from my own organic garden or the lovely organic cutting farm in Peterborough, NH that I like to frequent.  Two conventional, out of season flower purchases was about all I could handle, so the search began for something new and novel for my table.  Fortunately, I found something right off.

This large open canister combined with a silver tray my hubby was given on a business trip in Mexico makes a lovely centerpiece.

It came with blue eggs and green berry twig in place of the pine cones and dried pods I put inside.  It is officially still winter here after all, so I put in my substitute for the time being.  When I decorate for Easter and spring, I will bring back the eggs and berries.

A pleasing purchase, don't you think?

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