Saturday, September 17, 2011

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The second stop on my Monday birthday wanderings was to my favorite shop in Peterborough Center, down along the river.  Not only is is a delightfully packed antique store offering unique treasures, home decor and lush greenery, but Katherine, the owner is such a joy to visit with.  Often, I find when I enter a store these days, the staff is busy chatting amongst themselves or otherwise occupied, not greeting the customer.  Not so here!  At Bowerbird, customers always feel like old friends being welcomed back.  It is truly a pleasure to stop in.  I thought you would enjoy the eye candy I have to offer you in the form of these tantalizing photos.


Love the just hatched chick painted onto this vintage black rocker.  And the blue of these autumn asters is phenomenal.

Wide open spaces, good lighting and lovely displays greet the visitor.  And while you know you are on a riverbank in New Hampshire, you can't help but feel as if you've been transported to a European market somewhere.

The patina on this honey colored cupboard is lovely.

This is one of two metal medical cabinets that I covet.  And not only for sale, but perfect for display of one of my favorite things to collect: vintage tablecloths.

Once, formerly a florist shop, the bountiful light nurtures the many plants still calling this shop home. 

The second medical cabinet that I covet.  Oh, but for a place to put them and money for the purchase...

Beautiful displays, incorporating botanicals, natural materials and antiques grace every surface, this one on the top of a cabinet.

This planting bench and the sink below are located in a small greenhouse like planting room looking out on the river.  Just lovely...


Last, but not least (actually one of my favorite little ditties in the whole shop) is this clever display of bubblegum rings from an era gone by.  Katherine's 13 year old daughter, young entrepreneur that she is, has these for sale at mom's shop.  What a great way to display them:  a vintage BINGO card adhered to a wooden box.  Slits in the card in place of BINGO markers, for called out numbers, serve as perfect holders to display the eclectic little rings.  If you'll recall my birthday post on Monday, the Elsie the Cow ring ended up being a very happy, warm fuzzy birthday surprise for me from Kathy.  Thank you again Kathy.  I grin each time it catches my eye.

My trips up the mountain to the dairy are always more special when I continue on down the road into Peterborough to visit Kathy's shop.  You will not regret taking the trip yourself.  The only regret you may have,is not having enough time to poke through every nook and cranny.  Enjoy!

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