Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scones and Marmalade on the Porch

I spent an absolutely delightful morning visiting with my mother, here from Nebraska.  We started by puttering around in my upstairs bathroom.  I have some ideas for a redo involving paint, new towels and decorations.  We decided that it is going to be wonderful.  Photos and a post on this at a later date. 

Next we made a batch of scones from a mix sent to me by my aunt in Seattle.  (Thank you Aunt Patsy!)  A pot of tea and some blood orange marmalade and sea salted butter to spread on the scones, topped off a delicious morning snack out on the screen porch.  The weather was a perfect 75 degrees with a fresh crisp breeze slightly rustling the leaves in the nearby trees. 

A card game of Quiddler rounded out the morning on the porch. 

After the game, we enjoyed a short walk down the road with the dogs.  It was a picture perfect morning.  Couldn't have asked for anything nicer.  Love you, Mommy!

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