Sunday, September 18, 2011

Honey's 5th Birthday - WOOF!

Honey, our youngest golden retriever, just turned 5 (I guess 35 in dog years) on Friday, and as is our silly custom in our house, we bedecked the canine guest of honor and her "sister" in vintage people hats, sang "Happy Birthday" and presented her (and Maisy) with a "cake" made of whatever leftovers we had on hand that would make any dog drool.  Fortunately, my pictures capture only the silly business; drool strings and drool puddles were not visible (although they were present!).

The guest of honor (and yes her muzzle is a little longer than the average golden, but we love her anyway!).

Her "sister" and partner in crime, Maisy Lou, who we will celebrate on her 8th birthday in December.

Waiting patiently for "cake" while we sing, "Happy Birthday."  Honey can't take her eyes off the tasty treat.

Mmmmmm.....boy was that delicious (mashed potatoes, a sauteed pear quarter and a chicken "candle")!  Happy birthday Honey Belle.  You bring your family pack so much joy in your canine companionship.

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