Saturday, September 17, 2011

Twin Elm Farm Home Furnishing and Antiques: Early Autumn Days

This past Monday, as a part of my enjoyable birthday, my mom and I trekked up the mountain to the dairy followed by adventures in Peterborough, NH.  First stop was at Twin Elm Farm, my new favorite stomping ground.  The place was already hopping with activity of shoppers and dealers alike.  By the change in stock, it is easy to see that so far, this new establishment is enjoying a good measure of success.  It is no surprise since the atmosphere is delightful, the employees very pleasant and helpful and the prices, very fair.  Twin Elm offers a wide assortment of items ranging from new to old, traditional to eclectic, and from decorative to collectible.  I thought you might enjoy some updated photos of some of the displays.

I love this booth.  It makes me feel so serene.

LOVE the sign.  Not sure if it is old or not , but love it just the same.


What a great use for a tired out wicker chair.  These mums look happy to take a seat.

This booth remind me of a trip to an old country store.  It just feels homey.  Love the little red table.

I did make a couple purchases.  One of the purchases lent themselves to showing me just how honest and kind the staff at this shop are.  I asked the young woman at the counter to please take a good look at the jadeite teacups and saucers I wanted to purchase while she was wrapping them.   The light in the back where I found them was not conducive for my not so good eyes to check closely for chips or cracks.  She could have easily wrapped them up and said they were all fine, but she did exactly as I asked and did it with honesty.  She did find two flaws, one so small I probably never would have noticed, the other a crack.  She pointed them out to me and I was able to make my decision to purchase a set of four or six based on that.  Thank you Twin Elm for being as kind and supportive of your customers as you are no doubt to your dealers!

I leave you with this silly picture hanging in the powder room.  Hey, how did a quarter get in there?

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