Monday, September 26, 2011

Quick Gift Wrap

I had five minutes to quickly wrap two gifts.  I wanted them to look special, but with little time, I was not sure what I could do.  Fortunately, with my studio set up completely now, I was able to quickly grab the materials I needed and with quick assembly...VOILA!

I stamped the paper sack the gift came in from the shop with two vintage post office stamps:  'special delivery' and 'first class mail'.  I then adhered several vintage foreign postal stamps to the parcel, folded down the top and tied vintage seam binding through two holes I punched.  Gift number one, done.

Sorry, didn't realize in my rush that I did not photograph the whole package.  But for this one, I wrapped it in this fun craft paper, tied it with vintage seam binding, added a vintage photograph, two 1958 theme park ticket stubs and typed out 'RELAX    KICK BACK     ENJOY' to go with the relaxing woman in the photo.  Gift number two...done!  Four minutes flat and one to snap the photos to share with you.  Whew!  And happily, both gift recipients oohed and ahhed over their packages and I knew I had succeeded in making them feel special and appreciated.  Yeah!  Sometimes it's the little, out of the ordinary, touches that have the most impact in telling someone you care.

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Kim said...

I loved how you packaged up the goodie box that I won in your drawing - it truly made the experience of just receiving it as much fun as seeing what was actually inside! :D