Saturday, September 24, 2011

Making a Vintage "Autumn" Pennant Banner

You may recall that I made a pennant banner for the September Cooperage Market to sell.  I recently sold a handful of them to an antique shop in Dunstable, MA called Seasons at Calmore.  I will be making a few more at the request of Mary the store owner with a Halloween theme.  I thought I'd share with you the process of making the 'Autumn' banner in case you were looking for instruction/inspiration for making your own.
The project:

Tear pages from an old book.

I made a cardboard template of my pennant.  Pointed at the bottom with some straight at the top to allow for folding over later.  Lay template on top of torn out book page.

Fold edge of page using template and then tear off excess using fold as guide and template as straight edge to tear against.

Repeat for however many pennants you need to accommodate your word.  Here are six for the word, "Autumn."

Loosely crumple pennant.

I used Tim Holtz "Distress Ink" pad to 'age' the pennant.  Lightly glide felt ink surface over wrinkles and edges to leave behind 'age' on your page.

Using black ink and vintage letter stamps in size of your choosing, stamp the individual letters of your word on each pennant.

Flip over and fold down top edge.

Line pennants up in reverse order, cut accurate length of string for hanging, and using adhesive of choice (I have used both Vario tape tabs and glue stick) adhere flap to pennant, sealing in the string.


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Kim said...

Neat project - thanks for sharing, Tera. I can think of a few different ways to use this,such as for sports-themed parties, as an inexpensive but fun way to decorate kids' rooms, etc. I hope you will continue to share instructions for different projects with us...