Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Brimfield Finds

As you may recall, this past Saturday I went to Brimfield for the last antique mega market of the season.  It was a picture perfect weather day and the crowds held off till about noon.  I took a break then for a picnic lunch by a lilly pond out behind the field where I parked.  The ground was still quite damp from all the heavy rains during the week.  I had brought a quilt with me, but didn't want to spoil it by sitting on the spongy ground.  As luck would have it, I found a dry stump by the pond's edge to use as a seat to sit on.  I padded it with my folded quilt and enjoyed a dry, comfortable seat for my picnic.

This is the view across the pond I picnicked at.  To the right you can see the edge of some of the dealer tents where the goodies are waiting for us buyers, but to the left is a wide swath of devastated timber, cut down by the tornado that swept through the area this past summer.

It is amazing to see such beauty and such devastation existing in the same place.  I guess that is true of a lot of things.  That's why attitude is so important.  It's all how we look at it.

Here are the photos of my purchases:

The tablecloth is actually large enough for my long dinning room table, the first one I have found that is.  The sailboat glasses are in mint condition and I have a pitcher that matches them, amazingly enough!  I love the little packages of Dennison labels in their original little boxes.

The wooden bobbins and spindles from a textile factory are destined for sale.  The pincushion is a model for me to follow.  The oilcloth shopping bag was a great find at only $5.  I also found a few bottle caps to add to my collection that I have made into refrigerator magnets.

Here's a close up of a reproduction of an original handkerchief card.  What a great idea for displaying or giving handkerchiefs.  I bought this to reproduce again and use to sell my own hankies when I have them to sell at the Cooperage.

Here are the larger items I found.  The cot frame folds up into a very storable size and is the perfect fit for a mattress I took out of my vintage trailer.  Together they mate to form a great portable bed to have on hand here at my house.  I found a flea market cart which I will do up like the one I sold at the August Market in 30 seconds flat.  The two wooden trays are from a silverware factory.  One will become a chalkboard and the other a serving tray.  The baby carriage is going to be part of an experimental project.  We'll see how it turns out.  If it's any good, I'll let you know.

This is probably my favorite find of the day.  It is a sheet of vintage linoleum about 9 feet by 3 feet.  It was discovered under a carpet of a house destined to be demolished.  It had never been tacked down and it was easy for the dealer to remove.  I plan to cut it into sections to make into mats to either set beside a home's entry door for a shoe mat or in front of a kitchen sink as a pretty floor covering.  Some will stay in my house and the rest for sale at the Cooperage or the October Market.

The day was very productive and I enjoyed it immensely.  Unfortunately it ended with a case of food poisoning.  It was a miserable ride home and I was sick all night.  Fortunately by the next afternoon, I was back to myself and able to enjoy by purchases and happy thoughts of the last Brimfield of the season.  Till May....

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Kim said...

Loved your goodies, especially the stuffed chicken and the linoleum. What a great find!

I wonder if you might have gotten sick from the cantaloupe???
Glad you recovered so quickly...xo