Friday, July 15, 2011

July Brimfield Antique Show -- YEAH!!

The weather was hot and super icky humid this week, until.....yesterday!  A great day to take in the July Brimfield Antiques Show.  July is always a questionable show for me to attend.  With the girl's summer schedules varying so much from year to year and hot weather being a huge factor in attending, I'm never quite sure if I'll be able to go.  But everything worked out well.  Girls were all set, the weather was picture perfect and I had some money in my pocket so off I went for  great day.  Here are the pictures of my finds.
Love the graphics on the old battery sales rack from the 50's.  The star is for Heidi's room.  Good combination of her love of old licence plates and stars.  This five point star is made from old Massachusetts plates.  The dealer makes them for all states. 

Love the patten  and the soft jadeite color on this roll of vintage wallpaper.
The metal item is an expanding vintage dish rack that I intend to use as a file folder holder/organizer.  The paper is a vintage biscuit store inventory pad.  The crocheted pot holders are intended for unique appliques on chenille pillows I plan to make out of the pale blue spread draped over the chair.

Love these little aluminum numerals.

The flowers on the hat will be removed and used for a variety of projects.  LOVE the old-new stock sweater clip!  I will look so vintage when I pin it on my little cotton shrugs.

The little tins are destined to become pin cushions.  The two small glasses will be added to our Swanky Swig collection (I show them all on a blog some day.)

Some aprons to sell.  Some to keep and add to my personal collection of aprons to both wear and enjoy looking at.  The chiffon one on the left was made with sections of a vintage handkerchief.  The one in the center front was made from a feed sack.

Love the color and pattern on this vintage dress.  I have to let our the hem, and then it will be a perfect fir for me.  I even found a vintage full satin slip to wear underneath.

Here is a happy little picture to leave you with.  I bought this aqua polka dot work dress for the fabric (it was made for a very large woman and has many holes in it, but the fabric is great 40's fabric).  Earlier in the morning I picked up the little red and white stool.  Come lunch time, I found myself a shady spot with a tree to lean against, spread out the dress as a blanket and used the little stool as a table for my lunch with the vintage thermos and plaid lunch box I bring my lunch in.    Oh it set quite a happy mood for my day!  It makes me feel good even today. 


Karen Provost said...

I love your finds from Brimfield!

Farrell and Lauren said...

Do you know the name of the dealer who sold the stars? His card went in the laundry but I wanted to share the name with people...