Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Studio ----- Finally!!! Part Two

This is the portion of the studio that is dedicated to sewing.  This is the home of the inspiration boards I blogged about some time ago.  The sewing dress form holds a sweet vintage dress I picked up at an estate sale.  The red sweater was made and worn by my grandma long, long ago. She passed it down to me when I was 13.  I wore it some and then saved it all these years.  I love having it hanging there.

The blue cabinet was a garage rescue from an estate sale.  I picked it up for two dollars, gave it a coat of paint and outfitted it with a vintage curtain.  It now houses my extensive collection of vintage fabrics.  A worn vintage chenille spread yielded just enough fabric for a cushion and ottoman cover for this relaxation and pondering corner.

The little black and white photo on the top left is of my mom's dad as a very little boy, bringing refreshment out to the workers in the field.  The one below is my dad and his brother goin' fishin' when they were young boys.

I covered the top of my sewing desk with a piece of plaid fabric, vintage magazine advertisements and valentines and protected it all with a piece of Plexiglas.  Much nicer than the old scarred college dorm desktop.

The cabinet the old sewing machines are displayed on was built by my great grandfather and used in my grandma's house as long as I can remember.  It now graces my sewing room with family memories and is filled with historical items from my grandparents' lives, including the suit and shoes my grandma was married in.  I even have the ring box, her engagement ring came in.  Oh so very, very special.

Last, but not least, a shadow box I made with vintage sewing notions as the inspiration.
Thanks for visiting my happy place. This morning was a great flea market for me. Check in tomorrow for the photos.

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