Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Weekend Flea Market

I got up bright and early today and ventured off to the flea market.  I knew it would be small since it was a holiday weekend, but there were just enough dealers there to make it worthwhile for me.  Even with the slim pickins, I managed to spend most of my money and bring home some happy treasures.  Here's a peek:

An old folding chair from a theater long since gone, a two tiered green tool box, a wooden footlocker box, a 1950's copy of Better Home and Garden's Handyman book, some vintage juice glasses and glass canisters, some soldier's note paper, a vintage clipboard, some one's 1940's wedding photo, a scrapbook full of magazine clippings, some vintage tinware, a great vintage file box from the Statistics Bureau, an old box of Rit Dye, and an old percolator that will become a planter.  (The wood bench is being sold, but from my own stash, not from today's flea.)

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