Saturday, July 16, 2011

My studio.....Finally!!! Part One

No I did not forget about showing you the rest of my studio.  I had the time to take pictures the other day and it was neat and tidy, so here you go....  The studio is divided into two distinct areas based on the obscure shape of the space.  There is a sewing area and a creative zone (not that sewing is not creative, just different kind of creative).  Here is the creative zone.

This is the piece de resistance.  The original pharmacy on main street in Pepperell held two apothecary cabinets built in the 1920's.  This is one of the two.  The pharmacist who took over in the 60's eventually put both cabinets into his basement storage.  A few years back, he decided to pull one out and put it on the side of the road for free!  Yes I said FREE.  I happened to see it, called my friend and the two of us somehow managed to stuff it in my minivan.  I had it in storage for a couple years then made a home for it in my studio.  It needed a lot of refurbishing.  I am still in need of a counter top, which I will build or have built this summer.  The drawers hold wonderful goodies.

I built the set of shelves that hang over the apothecary.  They too hold wonderful goodies.

This very special piece was a great, happy find.  It is very hard to come by a complete Hoosier cabinet set.  This three piece set was my 40th birthday present from Fritz almost three years ago.  It was a grand Brimfield find.  The folks I bought it from are so nice.  We still talk about the set when I run into them at the shows.  The glass canisters, all lined up, hold vintage millinery flowers, organized by color.

Central work space.

This cast off dresser lost its drawers but makes a great shelf unit for storing my collection of vintage rubber stamps and ephemera hidden by the curtain.

This vintage rolling factory shelf holds small items destined for sale at the Cooperage. 

Here I pair up modern technology with vintage technology. typewriter!

Check in later this weekend, and I'll post part two of the studio tour.  Thanks for joining me today.

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