Monday, July 18, 2011

Yesterday's Flea Market

Sunday dawned bright and warm.  I debated staying in bed having had a good haul at Brimfield, but with my inventory still so low from the successful markets, I decided I'd better go check it out.  Turned out it was good I did.  I found a bunch of larger items this time.  Here's a peek.

Love the summer colored stripes in side the suitcase.  The green sink is destined for a project I started a couple weeks ago, as is the table.  More on that in a future post.

I've never seen such a fancy folding table before.  The vintage chairs fold as well.  I think the table will be painted cream, with maybe a chalkboard painted top.  If I do go with this idea, the chairs will stay black to match, otherwise I'll repaint them a different color.

Love the vintage office supplies and flashcards.  I especially love the vintage Dennison luggage tags.

Here is the best buy of the day.  A completed quilt in very good condition in the Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern.  It is a particularly difficult pattern to make since it is all based on octagons.  I have never been able to afford one before and this one was sure a steal at $30!  I do need to wash it.  Hopefully the red does not bleed.  Cross your fingers for me.

Now this by far is my best find of the day.  And it was FREE by the side of the road on the way home from church later in the day.  Oooooo baby!  I've been looking for a vintage classroom chalk board for my house for a while now to no avail.  I did find two at Brimfield this last time around, but with a price tag of $275 there was no way I was going to bring one home.  Free has such a nice ring to it!  I need to clean it up a little and find a metal cleat to hang it with and it'll be set to go. 

The weather the next two days is supposed to be nice and sunny and low humidity, so I think I'll be outside painting and gardening.  I'll snap a few photos to share with you later.  Thanks for checking in.

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