Monday, October 17, 2011

Furniture Move Around!

I was inspired to make changes in the house lately.  Looking at the same old same old, just gets.....well....same old!  So some change was in order.  Unfortunately, as usual, I am terrible about remembering to take before pictures.  I just get too busy sometimes seeing the big picture in my head and don't pause to remember to see the little pictures, or take them!  Anyhow, this little corner of the family room used to house a trestle table, bench and two chairs to create a place we called the "Nook."  It was used mostly by the children for art projects or homework, occasionally for games and even more occasionally for meals.  With the addition of the desk nook in Heidi's room, the space had become mainly a catch-all for whatever we felt like plopping there.  This chair used to be by my kitchen, as a cozy place to sit down while waiting for cake timers and to visit with the cook.  But what I really wanted in that space was a little table and chairs for us to eat at cozy style.  So the chair moved, the old ottoman was unearthed from the basement and joined it.  And it makes for a cozy "nook" of its own!

The magazines in the magazine rack are all vintage of course!  So fun to read!

A favorite lamp that used to sit on a table next to the chair needed a new home since there is no longer room for it by the chair in the new spot.  I took away a lamp that I didn't have any attachment to, and put this old one in its place.  I think it looks quite nice on its new home on the vintage Bakelite TV turned end table.

Boy, wouldn't it be fun if I could turn it on and watch, "I Love Lucy" and "Leave it to Beaver?"  Oh well, I still like it!  I'll show you the new set up in the kitchen on a later post.  Thanks for stopping by.

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