Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sweet Spots on the Farm

A few things caught my eye and the lens of my camera as I poked around on my sister's farm.  Thought you might enjoy sharing a peek. 
Much of their 50 acres have been put into a prairie reclamation project with the state, so there is much less corn and much more natural beauty to behold.

There's a hole in the bucket dear Henry, dear Henry...
Love this rusty bucket just standing sentinel at the field gate.

The path through the brush down to the pond.

The prairie is awash with so much fall beauty.

An old non functioning piece of farm equipment functions quite nicely as a planter.

I think this scarecrow has grown weary of standing guard.  What do you think?

Seamus, one of two Chesapeakes, sends his love and a goofy dog grin.