Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A visit to the farm in Wisconsin.

Columbus Day weekend was superbly beautiful weather wise both here at home (I'm told) and in Stoughton, Wisconsin where the girls and I ventured by plane for a quick, long weekend visit to my sister and her family.  Erin and her husband, JR, and their three children live on a lovely piece of farmland on the outskirts of town.  And I am the farm girl!!  Well one day I'll have my farm too, but for now I can absorb the farm life when I visit there.

The old farmhouse is getting a new look with a fabulous wrap around porch addition that was being built while we were there.  When it is done, it will add 800 square feet of front porch living.  How sweet it is!

See the super lush green growth in the back of the garden.  That is a huge, very mature asparagus patch to die for!  They eat fresh from the garden to the table asparagus all spring long.  The garden also yields a wide variety of other vegetables.  There are also fruit trees, and both a strawberry patch and raspberry brambles, two of my favorites.

I love this huge old windmill, water pump.

Many barns and outbuildings, all a picturesque red and white.  Just so homey and lovely!
Check back soon for the sweet downtown area and some scenes around the farm that caught my eye.

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kris said...

What a place!!! I can see why you love to go there.