Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quick Pics!

A couple things going on, none overly noteworthy, but each one worthy of a quick pic.

First is my poor, sweet Maisy.  She went out for a big walk with her daddy, and stuck her nose somewhere it did not belong.  Unfortunately this ended up in a spider (or other insect) bite.  I came home from running errands to her swollen face.  She had this happen as a puppy and a young dog, but it has been years since it happened.  Guess she needed a refresher lesson of where not to sniff around.  A dose of Benadryl and a day of rest and she was back to herself, but she looked so pitiful for the day on Saturday.  And yes, her eyes are open in this photo, but the eyebrows were swollen too.  My husband kept telling her that she had a face he didn't think even a mother could love.  Oh so wrong!  This pet owner mama, loved her even more!  Poor puppy!!!!

The last of the zinnias.  Mid October, fall rains, heavy winds and cold nights have just about ended my cutting garden for the season, but not before one last cutting produced a bounty of blossoms.  I intended to give most away, but they looked so pretty all massed together that I decided to hold onto this last gift of the garden and enjoy the blossoms en masse right on my dining room table.  The fall decorations can wait just a little bit longer!

This is a silly one.  Yes it is my lunch.  My hubby was home during the afternoon this week and saw for the first time how I prepare and enjoy my lunch most days.  His words were, "Wow, that is so dainty like.  You need to take a picture and put that on your blog."  So here you go Hon and for all of you to see.  I spoil myself a little each day by preparing my lunch on a petite vintage tray.  I take it to my cozy chair and enjoy a little touch of fun with my food.

Hope you are having a good day.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Kris said...

OHHH! Poor Maisy! Hope she is feeling better by now.