Sunday, October 23, 2011

VIntage Chalkboard -n- Hooks for the Hall

Here is a peek at a project I recently completed and sold at the last Antique Marketplace.  Actually, I was excited to see that they both sold in the first minutes of the sale opening.  Laura, the owner of the Spaulding Cooperage, had passed along two defunct curio cabinet shelves.  She happened to mentioned they would make cute chalk boards.  That got me to thinking about an idea of my own with a chalkboard mixed in.  Here is what I came up with.

The shelves have a nice curved top and a nice straight area across the base.  I bought some moulding and painted it cream.  The shelves got a sanding, a coat of primer, a coat of chalkboard paint and lastly, I painted some cream color around the details of the nice curved tops.  A little distressing of the cream edges helped them to blend nicely into the chalkboard area.  I attached the moulding to the bottom straight edge and added several vintage screw-in coat hooks. 

And VOILA, hallway hooks you can label to help with organization.  For a bit more personalization, write family member names over the hooks, or for a bit of French country flair that is popular in so many homes, write out the items in French.  So many possibilities, so few hooks!

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Kris said...

These were so cute! I can see why they sold so fast!