Friday, October 21, 2011

The Last Antique Market of the Season

This past weekend we held the final Antique Marketplace at the historic church in Townsend Harbor for the year.  Friday was a super dreary rainy day, but we still had a good turn out.  The weekend weather was crisp and windy with bright blue skies and easily lured the shoppers out and about and  many to our door.  I am happy to say that I did well and even sold my hutch that did not find a new home at the last market.  Here is a peek at my spot for the weekend.

So here is my spot.  I was running short on goodies to sell, so I went through the storage boxes in my house to come up with items to sell.  I have a habit of stashing away goodies to redecorate my house with "some day."   Well, I picked through these boxes and came up with a bunch of good stuff that I could live without.  Actually, I can live without it all, but I did hold back a few favorite items for another "some day."  I was able to fill up my space quite nicely with lots of small stuff, and for me, it is the small stuff that sells the best and adds up to my paycheck.

I made these distressed number plaques with old barn wood and a set of three inch tall stencils.  They would make nice house numbers, I think.  I sold over half of them.

As I said, it's the little things that seem to sell great for me.  Here is a repainted dish bin full of lil goodies, packed and ready to go.

I had these jars for sale for a long time, empty.  Saw this fun idea at Brimfield and decided to try it out.  I snipped vintage sheet music into crinkle strips, filled the jars with them and then tucked ephemera with a common theme into each side like a window.  I had a number and symbols jar, a sewing jar and a bird jar.  Two of the three sold - yeah!!

And last but not least, are these two little recipe holder clipboards I made.  Each is decoupaged with vintage cookbook pages, recipes and graphics and topped with a vintage ribbon.  I think they would make great Christmas gifts for a cook who enjoys a vintage flair in life.  Hey!!!  That sounds like me!!  Guess I'll have to make another for myself!

Well, it was a good weekend, but I have to be honest, I am ready for a rest.  My next projects will be for my own home, rather than furniture, etc. to sell.  We have a holiday open house coming up in November, but I am already mostly ready for that.  So it is time to rest a bit, and enjoy... 
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