Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Treasures!

Well, it has been a very busy several days for me.  I have been occupied with cleaning, painting and gardening.  Not much time left over to share new projects or ideas with you.  So instead, I thought I'd share with you, some of my happy finds this past weekend.  I did go to the flea market, but was initially very disappointed in the lack of good finds.  The pickings were surely on the slim side.  Once it became clear that I wouldn't be finding much to sell at the Cooperage, I decided to switch gears and do some looking for things for myself.  I found a couple of the vintage magazines that I enjoy perusing through.  Some vintage rick rack found its way into my bag as well.  I stumbled upon a couple linens and quite happily a 1 1/2 yard remnant of 1940's fabric in a sweet butter yellow color. 

My favorite find was these four never used, vintage vegetable seed packages.  Last week, I took a class on spiral binding, and I intend to use these as inspiration for some small spiral bound notebooks to sell at the Cooperage.  I love the soft colors and crisp illustrations.  Check back to see what I come up with.

The day before the flea, I posted a blog about a new shop, Twin Elm Farm in Petterborough, NH.  Before visiting there, I had stopped at another favorite haunt, White Home Collections in Wilton, NH.  I picked up a couple goodies at each shop and thought I'd show you.  The flowered linen is destined to become a small tote bag.  The flowered pitcher will be added to my small, but happy collection.  Lemonade just seems to taste better when poured from a pretty vintage pitcher!

I love the intricacy of the carving on the wooden stamp.  I think it was intended for stamping clay, as there was some dried clay in the grooves.  I cleaned it out and inked the wood with pigment ink and stamped a sheet of card stock with it.  The image comes out vague, but pretty.  I stamped it again, this time with a soft cloth behind the card stock, and the image came out very crisp and fully detailed on the paper.  Not sure if I'll keep it or sell it.  And lastly, I was pleased to find this vintage seed and flower catalog.  I love the graphics, and it surely will inspire something happy.  Well, tomorrow, it's back to cleaning, but for tonight it is dreaming of new inspirations thanks to my happy finds.  Sweet dreams to you as well.

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